Seven Home Improvements To Make During The Health Contingency

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Do not know what to do in your free time at home? The health pandemic can be a perfect excuse to tidy up, clean up, or make home improvements. We invite you to know seven repairs that you can do yourself. Become an expert!

What Home Improvements During Covid 19: Can You Make During Social Isolation By Covid-19?

  • Paint the interior and exterior of the house
  • Check the electrical installation 
  • Adjust and repair pipes
  • Deep cleans floors
  • Fix noise doors and windows
  • Renew your furniture
  • Debug all areas

Interior Painting Portland OR

Paint The Interior And Exterior Of The House

If the walls and walls are dirty or worn, the first home improvement you can do during the COVID-19 is to paint the interior and exterior of your home. 

Check The Electrical Installation

Social isolation is a good time to check out the entire electrical installation, including plugs, fuses, and electrical appliance plugs. All you need is a toolbox, a few spare parts that you can buy at a hardware store and disconnect the electricity from the entire house.

Adjust And Repair Pipes

Another of the home repairs you can do without hiring a plumber is to check that the faucets and water taps are tight, all you need is a pair of tweezers, Teflon tape, a little sealant and close the passage of water. In this way, you will prevent the pipes and faucets in the bathroom or kitchen from leaking.

Deep Cleans Floors

The health contingency can be the perfect pretext to start cleaning and polishing the floor of your home. Clean by mixing bleach, vinegar, floor detergent, and water. You can constantly brush with a broom until all the dirt is removed.

Fix Noise Doors And Windows

If you can’t stand grinding anymore when opening or closing doors and windows, another home repair you can do yourself is to apply a little lubricant or metal oil to each of the hinges.

Renew Your Furniture

This home improvement of the company can invest in your family. If you have wooden chairs, tables, and benches, choose to paint them using a shade that’s on-trend. 

Debug All Areas

One of the simplest home improvements is to clean all areas and corners of the home thoroughly. Delegate a specific space to each member of your family and let them know that they should donate or throw away what they no longer need. This action will serve to purify the rooms and eliminate the germs that the coronavirus can cause.

Five Ideas To Paint A House Inside

Portland OR Painters Tips

Renovating the house with paint is the most economical and comfortable option since we save on doing work. House Painters Portland recommends choosing the most suitable colors and paint finish are important questions to consider, but not the only ones.

1.- Stop thinking about what you want to achieve. Expand spaces, make them brighter, get more out of a certain area of ​​your Portland house, highlight any of the walls? Once the objective is defined, choosing the paint color will be easier for you. If the room is small, you will have to avoid dark tones, and if, for example, you want to give it light, opt for lighter tones. A blue will help you to get a more relaxing space, but if you have a few meters, we do not recommend it.

2.- Integrate the largest furniture on the walls. If you have a bookcase or bookcase or a large closet, paint them the same color as the wall. The result will be a more harmonious and balanced space.

3.- Play with contrasts. Painting one of the walls of a certain room in a more intense color will give it prominence. This game of contrast will also allow you to visually expand the spaces. For example, if you paint the back wall a stronger color than the sidewalls, you will make it appear wider.

4.- Color therapy. Use the sensations evoked by colors to achieve the desired result. Red improves mood, white zransmits peace and serenity, green harmony, blue relaxes, and favors rest.

5.- The ceilings, white. If the ceilings are not very high, in order to visually expand the space and make it appear higher, we recommend that you paint them white. This effect can also be achieved by choosing a lighter shade than that of the walls.

Always do a color test in a square meter to get the idea of ​​what the final result will be like, assess if you have a lot or a little light if it is natural, artificial … Taking these issues into account, the painting will become your best ally, and a brand new house will not take much effort.…

Four Ecological Improvements For Your House

Ecological Improvements For Portland Homes

Would you like your house to be more ecological? If so, read on, because today we are going to share some ideas that will allow you to integrate environmentally friendly products and green ideas into your ecological home improvement projects. And best of all, their green projects will help promote a healthier life for their family and for our wonderful island.

Solar panels on the roof

Many electricity supply companies offer discounts and credits to owners who install solar panels, especially when installing a new roof. Also, in the case of generating excess electricity, you can even roll back the owner’s electric meter, basically sending the electricity back to the electric company and compensating homeowners with a balance in their favor. Ideally, install solar power when installing a new roof.

Ecological soils

Consider installing green flooring. On the island, there are excellent natural and recycled options such as noble wood, terracotta, natural stones, or recycled glass tiles. If you are looking for renewable materials, cork is a good option; This material is made from the bark of the cork oak, which grows back after being collected. Insulates from heat and cold and is a natural repellent against insects, mold, and mites.

Ecological Appliances For Portland OR Homeowners

Programmable thermostat

This smart home technology will let you easily control your heating or cooling needs. You can set the thermostat to turn on when you wake up and turn off when you leave home, allowing you to combat global warming while saving on your electricity bill.

Water heater without a tank

Installing a tankless water heater home is a great way to save water, money, and energy. This type of heater can be installed both indoors and outdoors on your property. It just heats up the water you actually use in seconds, and there’s no need to wait for the water to heat up, wasting more water in the process. This is another eco-friendly bathroom upgrade that can add value to your home.