Five Ideas To Paint A House Inside

Portland OR Painters Tips

Renovating the house with paint is the most economical and comfortable option since we save on doing work. House Painters Portland recommends choosing the most suitable colors and paint finish are important questions to consider, but not the only ones.

1.- Stop thinking about what you want to achieve. Expand spaces, make them brighter, get more out of a certain area of ​​your Portland house, highlight any of the walls? Once the objective is defined, choosing the paint color will be easier for you. If the room is small, you will have to avoid dark tones, and if, for example, you want to give it light, opt for lighter tones. A blue will help you to get a more relaxing space, but if you have a few meters, we do not recommend it.

2.- Integrate the largest furniture on the walls. If you have a bookcase or bookcase or a large closet, paint them the same color as the wall. The result will be a more harmonious and balanced space.

3.- Play with contrasts. Painting one of the walls of a certain room in a more intense color will give it prominence. This game of contrast will also allow you to visually expand the spaces. For example, if you paint the back wall a stronger color than the sidewalls, you will make it appear wider.

4.- Color therapy. Use the sensations evoked by colors to achieve the desired result. Red improves mood, white zransmits peace and serenity, green harmony, blue relaxes, and favors rest.

5.- The ceilings, white. If the ceilings are not very high, in order to visually expand the space and make it appear higher, we recommend that you paint them white. This effect can also be achieved by choosing a lighter shade than that of the walls.

Always do a color test in a square meter to get the idea of ​​what the final result will be like, assess if you have a lot or a little light if it is natural, artificial … Taking these issues into account, the painting will become your best ally, and a brand new house will not take much effort.…